Hi I'm Claire,

I'm the photographer behind Paw & Pose Photography.

I have been a lifestyle and portrait photographer for the past three years, but have always had a love for the camera from a young age, when I use to borrow my dad's camera as a child, to capture family holidays and life events.

I have always enjoyed shooting portrait photography but wanted to experiment more with my creativity and combine another big passion of mine, which is animals and families.







I have always been a huge animal lover and loved dogs especially since I can remember! Growing up my first family dog was a beautiful Bichon-Frise named 'Zac', who really helped me through my teenage years into early adult-hood. I have such fond and loving memories of him and knew I always wanted dogs in my home and life.

What I didn't realise was how much one little dog could help me through some of the hardest and darkest time of my life..

Myself and my husband were extremely excited when we finally had the right lifestyle to bring a little puppy into our home. We travelled two hours from where we live to collect our beautiful Shih-Tzu,

'King Louis'. It was truly love at first sight and he was the best 30th birthday present ever from my amazing parents.

He truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

He isn't just very much part of our whole family,  he also happens to be my only colleague in the office (doesn't say much but he's there for tea-break cuddles)! - but most importantly, he is also one of the main and important reasons that helped me through a darker period of my life.


I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and never thought I'd feel happy again. I was (and still am) incredibly lucky and grateful to have my family and friends, who of course supported me and tried their best to help me in whatever way they could, however there was something about having a dog in the house, that really helped me.


He motivated me to get out of bed in the morning, to open the blinds, to go out into the fresh air on long walks and to stop and speak to other friendly dog-walkers. He taught me how to smile again and he ultimately gave me a focus again.

I have heard so many stories similar to mine from people all over the world, who say their pet was their companion through rough patches in their life and continue to be.

They teach you so much and offer the most unconditional love and that's one of the main reasons I felt the passion to photograph and capture this magical bond between human & hound. 









I always say to people that my perfect studio is the great outdoors! To me, there is nothing more organic than shooting in natural light and the surroundings and scenery of a photo, really can help bring the story to life through the lens in such a beautiful way.


I love meeting new people and their pets and feel honoured when I meet new and returning customers. They allow me and my camera, into their little world, to capture a precious moment in time, which can then be enjoyed and admired for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a photographer who will capture the uniqueness of your family and the connection you have, all in a beautiful setting, then you’ve come to the right place!

My aim is to provide you with photographs that make you smile every single time you look at them and creating something which can be enjoyed and passed down in your family as time passes by.

If this is exactly what you are after, then I'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch!

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