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Paw & Pose Photography Pet Illustrations
Paw & Pose Photography Pet Illustrations
The Rainbow Collection Paw & Pose Photog

the rainbow collection

In these very strange, sad and frankly surreal times we all find ourselves currently living in no matter where we are in the world, through all the darkness is a light shining super bright and colourfully through it all...

Our front-line heroes are literally keeping us going in every-way possible you could imagine.


Be it the busy bees of delivery drivers and warehouse workers ensuring we can order online and have it safely delivered to your doorstep

Our local GPs and Pharmacy teams still there to advise us and support us on all health issues.

Our hard-working supermarket teams who are keeping us fed and energised. 

The dedication and love of all social and care workers looking after the extra vulnerable.

And last but not least, the extraordinary and wonderful health care key workers who are literally sacrificing their own wellbeing and lives to keep us and our loved ones safe.

For me as a small business working safely and gratefully in the comfort of my home, I felt somewhat helpless and wished I could do more to show my thanks and support for all these incredible people, who are working tirelessly around the clock for us all.


My creative side started to kick in....

The rainbow has been used as a symbol of love, hope and thanks to all our key-workers from all backgrounds.

Rainbows are also super pretty so I was really excited to get illustrating and come up with some fun and adorable designs, which I hope you all like!

For every phone case you order, £5 of each sale will be donated to charities and organisations such as the NHS, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and hospices throughout the NHS organisation caring for those in these dark and difficult times.

For every mug order, £3 of each sale will also be donated to some of these essential key-workers.

This is just my small and humble way as a business owner to show my thanks again and help in whatever way I can.

Thanks in advance for your love and support for these causes but most of all, thanks to


Paw & Pose Photography Self Isolating Ch
Paw & Pose Photography Self Isolating Ch



£25 (£5 goes to charity)

£18 (£3 goes to charity)


Lots of love,

Paw & Pose Photography