How A Rescue Dog Found It's Forever Family | Patch's Story

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

When I was first approached by Jane to have a Summer's afternoon photo shoot, with her rescue dog Patch, I could tell just by the way she described him that they shared a very special bond.

Patch is a beautiful black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier (more commonly known as a 'Staffie'), who Jane and her wonderful family, consisting of her husband Jamie and two girls, Olivia and Nicole, happened to somehow accidentally give a home to!

Sadly the family had not long lost their lovely dog called 'Jack', who was also a rescue dog and one Jane had quite the journey in getting home to them, all the way from Spain after spotting him on a holiday! Selfless and caring acts such as this and now rescuing Patch, displays perfectly the type of family that they are.

After losing Jack and knowing they couldn't have a home without a dog, Jane was keeping her eyes open and ears peeled for any dogs or puppies which could they give their heart and home to. It didn't take long until a friend of hers who had a small child, a baby and a dog of her own already, called Jane asking for help. Her friend had very kindly introduced a second dog into the family unit, a dog she'd known which wasn't wanted anymore and was sadly and horribly just left on the side of the road. This gentle, sometimes nervy and very friendly giant was a black and white guessed it, 'Patch'. Everything seemed to be going okay for a short while, until she realised having two fairly large dogs, with two small children was a lot of time, pressure and hard work. She cared so much for Patch she didn't want to just take him to a rescue centre and have him left again but instead she wanted to find someone who could temporarily foster him until she could decide what was best to do.

Jane immediately agreed to come round and meet him with her girls and after a couple of hours of play in the garden and chat, Jane knew she had to bring him home with them. It was love at first sight.

Fast-forward over a year now and Patch has well and truly got everyone tired round his paws! On first meeting Patch, I knew immediately he had so much love to give and he relishes any attention and fuss, especially a tummy tickle! He is quite large for his breed, but fit and well and enjoys walks in the fields and local parks, one of them being where we chose to have our photo shoot.

Wick Country Park is not too far from where I live and I also have been there on dog walks with my pooch. It's a nice route, with a mix of flat lands, slightly off track routes, lots of beautiful trees and at the centre of it, a small lake with a large family of ducks and swans.

It was a real joy to photograph both Patch and Jane together and I could just tell he is such a 'mummy's boy'! After a few little games to get them both relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, they both were true naturals and took to it like a duck to water (excuse the pun of the ducks in the lake...)

Nothing brings me more happiness than hearing or sometimes seeing, my client's feedback once they've received their final edited photos from me. These are Jane's kind words below..

""A perfect way to capture the bond between myself and my beloved dog , Patch.

A very professional, yet relaxed and comfortable photo shoot experience.

We were made to feel at ease and it was such an enjoyable afternoon.

I would highly recommend Claire to create a treasured picture for you".